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House flipping

House flipping: your next real estate investment starts here, with us.

We are a house flipping company; our core business is knowledgeable and high-yielding real estate investments.

We buy properties to be reappraised, we renovate them with style and competence, and put them back on the market. If you are an individual or a company interested in investing in house flipping, we guarantee you a ROI of 15–20% per real estate transaction, with an average annual percentage of 30%.

Investing with us means having a sure and quick return with a good margin. It means relying on professionals who know how to enhance the properties they choose, thanks to a careful transformation project. But above all, it means having a partner who knows the dynamics of the real estate sector, to complete every transaction undertaken.

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Our method for a profitable real estate business

House flipping isn’t just our job. It is a project that resulted from a dream, just like yours. We founded our company to carry out increasingly ambitious real estate transactions. We left our city, Novara, to embrace Italy and abroad. Through house flipping, we want to make you earn and prosper over the long term with lucrative investments in beautiful, modern and attractive properties on the market. Because our greatest satisfaction is to recognise that wonderful feeling of “home” in the eyes of our customers.

As real estate business professionals, we follow a precise method that leaves nothing to chance.


We only map liquid territories and carefully analyse the numbers of each and every real estate transaction.

Choice of the property

We only select suitable homes, therefore safe transactions that quickly guarantee a high return on investment.


We personally redesign the property based on market trends and the best solutions for its spaces.

Home staging

Thanks to our refined and realistic renderings, even before the visit in person, the customer has a clear picture of the property and its potential: an excellent lever for the purchase.

Quick resale of the property

Real estate agencies have a great desire to work with us, because the homes we look after are newly renovated, well-appointed and affordable.

An eye for renovation

We like to think that a job well done lasts forever. Renovation is the centre of our house flipping business. It is thanks to this that we are able to restore dignity and elegance to a home, to make it modern and welcoming. In other words, ready to return to the market and quickly find its buyer.

Now more than ever we are seeking in our home an intimate and welcoming place, which gives peace and tranquillity and which, at the same time, says something about us. A functional reorganization of spaces, up to standard systems, carefully chosen finishes, the right choice of colours and light points can literally give new life to dated or dilapidated properties.

Example of terrace before remodelling
Example of home staging: terrace

We take care of every phase of the renovation, from moving internal planks to the complete refurbishment of the systems and various masonry works. We only rely on trustworthy professionals able to get the job done quickly and on time. Regardless of the type of property, the result is always a sober environment, with neutral colours, easily adaptable to every style.

But above all, the result is a “ready to use” home at a competitive price, thanks to house flipping mechanisms. A carefully remodelled property does not stay on the market for long and ensures a fast return on investment. In turn, the final customer will not have to undertake long and expensive work: on the contrary, entering the house he or she will immediately feel a special atmosphere of home and comfort.

Why you should choose us for your house flipping investment

Each house flipping company has its own priority. We have chosen to focus on three aspects that distinguish our work.
Speed of investment
In some respects, ROE is just as important as ROI. The faster the transaction, the more of them can be completed. This is why we focus only on quick transactions, which are concluded within 10 months: if the property does not have the appropriate characteristics, we do not take it into consideration. By investing with us, you can have a quick return and therefore make more investments a year, even at the same time.
Real teamwork
To obtain fast and optimal results, the work team is of vital importance. An autonomous and organized team allows us to have more time to devote to future investments, and allows us to diversify transactions. This is why we only rely on trustworthy collaborators, real partners who have the same goals and values as us. And act in your best interest.

Quality of the renovation

Renovation is what we are most passionate about, and it sets us apart from other house flipping companies. We love design, architecture, furniture trends and giving homes a form. The quality of the renovation is of great importance to us, because a satisfied customer is our main advertisement. And today, the more refined in detail the renovation is, the more easily and quickly properties sell, with a quick return on your investment.

Our team

Our name, MA Living, combines our initials: Marianna and Alberto. By putting our skills together, we found our job for a lifetime in house flipping. Each project is a story, and we work hard every day to give them the best shape.
Marianna Redaelli

“I love challenges”

“I am a person who cares about goals and is always aiming to improve in every field. In our house flipping business, I can combine my skills at best as a female entrepreneur, my mainly finance and management education, and the great passion I have for architecture, design and creative drawing.”

Alberto Citterio

“I believe in the strength of the team”

“I am a professional surveyor who loves to combine the precision of details with style and practicality. This overall vision has led me to design homes that communicate a feeling of comfort and beauty. I’ve been involved in real estate investments for years and I believe that in this sector teamwork is necessary for reaching increasingly important goals.”