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MA Living is a knowledgeable, high-yielding real estate investment firm.

We renovate homes with competence and an eye for style.

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A passionate and determined team
Marianna Redaelli


“Think if we hadn’t tried!”
Alberto Citterio


“Quality work lasts over time”


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The Twins Flats


Monte Rosa




Quiet Apartment


Alberto and Marianna are first-rate professionals. They have a great entrepreneurial ability, combined with an almost obsessive attention to detail.
In the real estate market, real strength lies in devising a tried and true method, finding reliable professionals with various job titles that are involved in any real estate transaction, and getting them to assimilate the same method.
From an organizational point of view, they make an exceptional team. They ensure that workers respect the schedule, they try to satisfy end customers without delaying handover, and place particular focus on fine finishes.

They are meritocratic people, and reward those who deliver quality work.
They are constantly looking for further improvement and growth, another proof of this is their deep desire to perform better.

They are extraordinary entrepreneurs and extraordinary people, and I am sure that the union of these two is the fundamental recipe for success in business and in life!

Cristian Trio, Dyanema Real Estate

Alberto and Marianna are two very competent, professional and organized real estate investors.
They take care of their renovations down to the smallest detail, paying close attention to the demands of potential buyers.

Their secret is determination: they manage to enhance the strengths of the flats by making them very interesting and attractive on the real estate market.
They are partners of our real estate agency and not just customers. It is a pleasure to collaborate with them, because they are very smart and far-sighted people.

Michael Bagnato, Bagnato Real Estate Agency

I have known Marianna and Alberto since 2020, when they fixed an appointment with me at Efficacia Fiscale to be able to develop some of their entrepreneurial projects in the real estate sector.
Specifically, they wanted to know in detail what the tax implications were of the future real estate transactions they were executing.

What struck me was their interest in the details of tax rules which, in fact, even experts find hard to understand. This characterized the entire relationship even after the establishment of the limited liability company with me.
They have always continued to search for the best way to manage the tax burden, reducing it while respecting the law, trying to understand even what was not within their competence.
I find that in their collaboration with me what they have shown is great determination, enthusiasm and professionalism; exactly what they put into their work every day.

Simone Calisti, Accountant, Efficacia Fiscale

MA Living

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